You Don’t Need DENTAL INSURANCE To Get Dental Benefits



The Dental Benefit Program is a valuable benefit program negotiated directly between dentists and employers, association, individuals and other groups who do not have dental insurance or feel that their existing dental insurance plan lacks value.

Participating dental providers have agreed to offer significant discounts off their regular dental fees to patients who are members of this program. Use of this benefit is immediate upon card activation and covers household members. In addition, participants have access to tax free health savings plans to be used with the program. The Dental Benefit Program does not set annual maximum limits, include waiting periods, require deductibles or set age limits.

Most Importantly, this program is void of insurance premiums and is offered with no carrier costs to the patient!

Is The Dental Benefit Program
Right For You?

If any of the following are true for you, then the answer is YES!

  • You currently do not have and would like dental benefits

  • You would like a health savings account to budget for dental treatment

  • You feel that you cannot afford the high cost of dental insurance premiums

  • The benefits you receive from your dental insurance are not worth the cost

  • Each time you visit your dentist you are required to pay a deductible or co-pay

  • Your current insurance limits your benefits with annual maximums

  • Waiting periods are required with your current insurance on critical dental needs

Dental Benefit Program Highlights

  1. Dramatically reduce dental fees

  2. No deductibles

  3. No waiting periods

  4. No annual maximum limits

  5. No age limits

  6. Access to local generalists and specialist

  7. Compatible with IRS-approved savings tools such as Health Savings Accounts

  8. Available to employer groups, part-timers, associations and independent contractors

How It Works

All participants receive a benefit card which must be activated prior to use. To receive your card, call 888-397-6453 or talk to Dr. Thornley’s office staff.

After activating your card on the website, use the four-digit Group ID and Patient ID codes to view the discounted fee schedule online.


All health savings plans are compatible with the Dental Benefit Program such as:


Participants are encouraged to budget for dental expenses through these tax free accounts. If you do not have a health savings plan, indicate your interest when activating your card to receive simple instructions.

Payment is expected at the time the dental work is performed. Financing may be available — ask Dr. Thornley’s staff directly for details.

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