Patient Reviews

Our family has been visiting Thornley Dental for several years. We trusted Brian Thornley who always did a good job. Many years ago my husband had the bottom of his top front teeth knocked out by equipment one Saturday morning and Dr. Thornley met us at his office, put veneers on so his teeth looked good again and they have held up well. When he retired and his son Mark took over the practice we were impressed with his kindness and gentleness. As with his father we trust him to do a good job and know he will only charge us a fair price. There is a good atmosphere in the office, the staff is very helpful and pleasant and we enjoy being there.

Sherry Cook — January 26, 2015

I first found out about Dr. Thornley in 2009, when I was complaining to my mom about the high cost of getting an implant in Portland, OR. She told me to talk to Dr. Thornley’s office. LeAnn, at the front desk, was so friendly and willing to work with me, that I realized it would be worth my while to get my implant while on summer vacation in Logan because his prices are so reasonable. After that I would always bring my family to Dr. Thornley whenever we were visiting Utah. A few years later we moved to Davis County, Utah. I took my kids to local dentist and was shocked when that dentist told me that one of my kids had 4 cavities. I was skeptical and so I took my child to Dr. Thornley for a second opinion. He told me that the cavities were very small and on baby teeth that would be coming out soon. He said that if it was his child, he would not waste the time or money to put in fillings. That really gave me a lot of confidence that Dr. Thornley would treat us like he would his own family. I think perhaps it is because he inherited his practice from his father that he is not so deep in debt that he has to earn money however he can. His integrity and honesty (he is a bishop) is really impressive to me. Plus I’ve always been really happy with his high quality work. So for these reasons, and many more, it is worth it to me to drive my family up from Davis County to make sure we get the best value possible.

Michelle Tullis — 1/23/2015

star star star star star

Best dental experience I’ve ever had. I was only in Logan for the summer, so when I broke a tooth late one night, I was really worried about finding a good dentist who could see me immediately. I started calling down the list of dentists in Logan, and got either answering machines or refusals time after time, until I called Dr. Thornley’s office. Not only was the woman on the phone extremely kind and sympathetic, but she told me to come down right away and that they’d help me. They squeezed me in, and Dr. Thornley patched my tooth up beautifully. They squeezed me in AGAIN the following Monday, after doing some serious schedule juggling, in order to fill two of my cavities (I was in an insurance crunch and needed it done right away). Everyone at the office was SO kind, helpful, informative, gracious, and reassuring. The office itself was beautiful, clean, and welcoming. Dr. T did EXCELLENT work, and was very communicative throughout the entire process. (Plus, I got to watch Pride and Prejudice for an hour and a half!) I plan to return for a cleaning when I’m in Logan next summer… I wish I could transplant Dr. T’s entire practice to my hometown. They’re the best

Reviewed by Laura Review 1 – Rated 5 / 5

Hands down the best dental office I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Their receptionists were as kind and helpful as could be. The dental assistants were friendly and accommodating, and Dr. Mark Thornley was as funny and courteous as he was skilled and knowledgable. I highly recommend them!

Reviewed by Benjamin Burnley Review 1 – Rated 5 / 5